LINQ eKYC and Due Diligence System

LINQ is online dashboard driven intelligent “all-in-one” platform developed by EXELLAR to address all your KYC, on-boarding screening, business partner due diligence and key personnel background check and investigation needs.

Access Our Full Solution
At Your Convenient

Self-Help Web-Based
Global Access

One-Stop & Scalable

Investigation Resources

Ready Fit-For-Purpose

API with Compliance
& Enforcement Data

In-Built Negative Online
Scanning & Search

What our Clients love about us

Reliable & Accurate Information

The information we provide is sourced from global providers trusted by International institutions, supported by a network of localised intelligence.

Structured & Actionable

Our reports are prepared on a fit-for-purpose basis, supported by facts. This ensures the intelligence is structured, and more importantly, actionable.

Fit For Your Needs

LinQ is structured to allow a tiered approach that enables our clients to pay only for what they need, when they need it.