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Managing risk in challenging environments

We empower organisations to make informed decisions, by providing them with innovative solutions that protect them across the risk continuum.

Our holistic and pragmatic approach to operational risk provides the knowledge needed to drive informed decisions for their businesses.

Our approach to security risk management provides the information needed to support informed decisions across businesses, and the resources to implement solutions around the world.

Unlocking Solutions

Our solutions

Our dedicated team of advisors works with our clients to develop and deploy best-of-breed components from our full spectrum of services, crafting a bespoke solution that defines threats, identifies vulnerabilities, and mitigates risk. We are supported globally by domain experts and on-ground specialists armed with deep local knowledge, providing for informed solutions and swift responses.

Risk Management
Risk Advisory

Who we are

Exellar is driven by a highly-respected leadership team with decades of industry experience.

Our locations

Our reach is truly global, with teams in five continents

Our Case Studies

Our relationships with our clients are built on a foundation of trust, effectiveness and our utmost dedication to ensuring their safety and security.


Emergency Evacuation

Six personnel evacuated from a potentially adverse environment in less than 24 hours.


A US prime vendor who had personnel located in Aweil, a remote location in South Sudan.


Civil unrest required the immediate evacuation of six personnel from site. However, roads were blocked, and Aweil airport does not have a customs entry or exit point.


  • Plane charter and permits achieved in less than 24 hours
  • Minimised exposure to civil unrest
  • Leveraged proprietary network to arrange custom clearance from Juba
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Cyber Security

Crisis Response

Hackers take over a corporate operating system in a cyber extortion demanding compensation to return the system back to normal


Asian based corporation with global services.


A group of malicious hackers identified a weakness in the client's firewall OS and locked the corporation out of a key operating software application. Demands were made to compensate the hackers to return access to the operating software and to avoid the release of sensitive corporate information.


  • Exellar uses crisis management and cyber security expertise to assist the client
  • Crisis management assesses seriousness and credibility of threat of blackmail being used
  • Cyber experts identified network and firewall vulnerabilities and removes the malicious code from the OS
  • Cyber controls assessment and threat modelling based on NIST are established
  • Extortion threat is removed and the pay-out is avoided
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Risk Assessment

In Conflict Zones

Developed travel risk assessment and management policies.


Key player in the development of US government policy.


Operates and travel in conflict zones with limited overseas infrastructure.


  • Assess risk exposure, define client's risk appetite
  • Provide ongoing Personal Security Awareness Training and Tactical Casualty Care Course
  • Ongoing advice and support
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Static and Mobile


Ensuring a safe, reliable environment for continuity of business operations.


CEO appointed to high profile role in leading industry association.


Significant increase in public profile and thus concerns about personal safety


  • Detailed security evaluation
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Devised action plan to address critical gaps and deficiencies
  • Ongoing support & advice
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